About Origin Group

Company Profile

As Gandhiji had said, ‘Be the change you want to see.’

We are not just the change; we are the very Origin of the change itself.

Origin’s uniqueness is exemplified by an array of choices that define its essence. We build the future with a perfect blend of timeless designs, meticulous planning and high-tech innovative concepts. From iconic residences of unprecedented elegance to a vast variety of retail and commercial spaces to humbly espousing the needs of niche segments of society to crafting fully integrated townships to redeveloping space in life-changing endeavors, a sense of purpose dominates the Origin rationale.


Origin drafts a new life scale for customers – a scale that lies in its comprehensively designed reach to every section of society.


Origin is determined to incorporate change on all levels with detailed precision and unquestionable integrity, to serve full spectrum of society’s segments with sincere commitment to upliftment and beautification of lives.


Onward and Upward Visionary

Extensive hands-on experience in Mumbai’s real estate industry with project planning, designing, business strategy and liaising with top-notch architects certifies Bhavya Shah’s unyielding passion for perfection.

He firmly believes that for an organization to be at the top of its game, it must be customer-centric. A culture of precision, perfection and innovation within the company under his leadership assures high customer satisfaction.

His passion to integrate the needs of the consumers with social directives and the environment has led to the implementation of the industry’s foremost design processes and sustainable practices.

Dedicated and visionary, he drives, steers and propels Origin through to its commitment to better lives by utilizing its greatest asset – a grand scale of possibilities, both idealistically and geographically. . . in short, realizing the goal of a New Life Scale.

Bhavya Shah

Founder & Director